As a founding member of the OEKO-TEX® Association, Hohenstein offers you practical solutions for the implementation of your product stewardship and for all matters relating to sustainable economic activity. On the other hand, consumers also feel safe when it comes to effective protection against harmful substances in textiles and leather products.

Based on our accredited testing and inspection services, we provide industry and trade with customised certifications allowing you to successfully meet the growing demands of the market for pollutant-inspected products, environmentally-friendly production technologies and socially acceptable working conditions, as well as transparent supply chains: 

Product certifications

Testing and certification of chemicals, colourants and accessories for use in textile production. Credible proof of the use of harmless chemicals in sustainable textile production.

Certification of production facilities

Analysis, auditing and certification of textile production facilities in terms of socially responsible and fair working conditions, optimised work processes, effective use of resources, compliance with strict emission limits (wastewater, exhaust air), and ensuring occupational health and safety.


Additional OEKO-TEX® services

Label for textiles tested for harmful substances and produced in facilities under environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions. MADE IN GREEN provides unique transparency as the manufacturing process can be traced using the product ID shown on the label.


DETOX TO ZERO assesses, in the form of an annual status report, the management of chemicals and compliance with limit values for wastewater and sewage sludge to meet the objectives of the Greenpeace detox campaign.


In the MyOEKO-TEX® customer portal, registered users can centrally manage their OEKO-TEX® certificates and product labels and are able to carry out related processes. 

MyOEKO-TEX® offers the following interactive functions:

  • Apply for new certificates and labels
  • Download label templates
  • Edit company profiles for the OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide
  • Generate and manage MADE IN GREEN labels
  • Carry out the online assessments for STeP and DETOX TO ZERO
  • Manage own supply chains and communicate with suppliers
  • Evaluate own supply chains by means of KPIs, benchmarks and graphical charts
  • Define sustainability targets for own supply chains and monitor risks
Do you have a MyOEKO-TEX® user account?

The Buying Guide provides a free platform on which OEKO-TEX® certified products and companies can be showcased free of charge: in order to procure sustainable products and to partner up with other sustainable companies.