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Companies that honor their product responsibility and operate a consistent sustainability strategy need suitable suppliers, raw materials and sales products that enable a systematic implementation. A reliable network where you can choose your partners along the value creation chain based on verified criteria is indispensable in doing so. The OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide is a free information tool that provides the greatest possible assistance in sourcing suitable materials and selecting trustworthy collaborative partners and suppliers. It also gives you the opportunity to market your own OEKO-TEX® certified products on a popular international platform and therefore draw attention to your own company for free. 

OEKO-TEX® Buying Guide

The online directory lists more than 10,000 companies that actively work with OEKO-TEX®. You can combine different selection criteria and filters for the optimum search results. The selection criteria include, for instance, the type of OEKO-TEX® certification, world regions and countries in which you want to search for suppliers and other parameters for specifying the products you are searching for in more detail, including the stage of production, material, area of application, and so on.

Some specific benefits of the OEKO-TEX® that are not to be missed.

  • Free online directory with more than 10,000 listed companies
  • The opportunity to showcase your own OEKO-TEX® certified products and your company on an international platfor
  • Target your searches for suitable providers of ECO PASSPORT certified chemicals and STANDARD 100, LEATHER STANDARD and MADE IN GREEN certified raw materials as part of your STANDARD 100, MADE IN GREEN and OEKO-TEX® LEATHER STANDARD certifications or product labels
  • As a retail company or brand owner, you can find certified items for your product range quickly and easily
  • Search for STeP certified production facilities that meet your environmental and social requirements for suppliers

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