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Edition #4 | 2022-08-15

False Labelling on “Bamboo” Textiles

Edition #3 | 2022-08-03

Climate change and environmental degradation are existential threats to the world. The European Green Deal aims to create the transition to a modern, resource efficient and competitive economy.

Edition #2 | 2022-07-01

The EU Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and its member states have assessed a group of 148 bisphenols and recommended that 34 bisphenols need to be restricted due to their potential hormonal or reprotoxic effects.

Edition #1 | 2022-01-31

New ISO test method ISO 16190: 2021 for the determination of PAHs in Footwear materials is now published.


Edition #4 | 2021-07-12

List of substances of very high concern supplemented by 8 substances: Observe information requirements!

Edition #3 / 2021-06-24

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published EN 71 3:2019+A1:2021 for Migration of Certain Elements in Toys.

Edition #2 / 2021-06-17

Turkey´s Communique on the inspection of some textile clothing and leather products (2021/18) is now in force.

Edition #1 / 2021-01-29

New EU standards on Safety of Children’s Clothing.


Edition #3 / 2020-08-07

The European Commission has amended Annex XVII to the REACH regulation by adding unspecified Diisocyantes as entry 74.

Edition #2 / 2020-07-08

The American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists releases textile face covering draft guidance.

Edition #1 / 2020-05-26

New Standard AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK on PAHs published.

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