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Guarantee the functionality and fit of your workwear.

Be it for hygienic reasons, due to special functions, as a distinguishing characteristic for occupations and booths, or for an elegant and consistent company image: workwear must always be hard-wearing, durable and comfortable. It must also be accepted by the wearer, otherwise it cannot fulfil the intended purpose.

With Hohenstein you have a reliable partner who can implement the varied requirements of workwear in a targeted manner. This includes, amongst others, UV protection for the prevention of skin cancer, colour and whiteness assessment to ensure consistent colour of the clothing, or characteristics such as breathability, water tightness and high visibility as bases for pleasant wear comfort and good warning protection.

As an independent partner of industry and accredited test laboratory, we are your first point of contact when you need support regarding the testing of materials. By identifying your products with the Hohenstein Quality Label, consumers can be quickly and conveniently reassured about the particular quality of a product.

Your goals are our benchmark

Individual problems require customer-focused solutions. In addition to a variety of standardised and internationally recognised test methods, we adjust the test scenarios to suit your requirements.

Rapid markets require quick reactions

Shorter product cycles require speed. Flexibility, reliability and short processing times are our maxim. Thanks to optimised processes, we can usually deliver the test results within ten working days.

Hohenstein Quality Labels for Tested Workwear & Tested Uniforms

Use our neutral labels to communicate the quality of your products.


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