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Safe from the start with our technical performance descriptions.

The requirements for textiles vary greatly depending on the area of application. For example, military equipment must have different characteristics than the workwear of a service worker. Technical performance descriptions include a summary of these parameters in a clear form for the selection and production of workwear. This is particularly important where public tenders are planned for the procurement process. 

Hohenstein supports you in the creation of these “requirement specifications” - it does not matter what clothing it is. Using prototypes or series products and an extensive database, we document the “status quo” in detail. Graphical representations, drawings and photos facilitate an understanding across languages.

Modules of the technical performance description.


Here, it is defined exactly which materials are used: for example, outer and lining materials, the determination of the textile fibres, design features, mass per unit area, etc.


This includes the detailed description of fastening elements, labels or inserts in their shape, size and sometimes even material.

Suitability for use

In addition to general requirements, for example for testing for harmful substances, care properties and durability, special aspects are also covered, depending on the intended purpose. These include i.a. the physiological wear comfort and functions such as UV protection, antimicrobial or antistatic treatment, IR absorption or dirt repellency. The care properties and recyclability (suitability for leasing) of textiles are also taken into account.


This demanding, detailed description of the manufacturing steps must, i.a., explain the sequence in which processing steps are usefully defined and executed. Technical drawings and photos are self-explanatory and understood worldwide.

Finished measurements

Product optimised finished measurement tables, depending on current body measurements, such as those offered by Hohenstein with SizeGERMANY, for example, ensure a good fit across all clothing sizes. Thanks to our comprehensive database, we develop finished measurement tables for you, which include significant measuring sections and clear, unambiguous representations of the sections in technical drawings.

Your benefits

  • Prevention of complaints due to different standards of quality
  • Assurance of a high quality level for public tenders
  • Guarantee of consistent product quality with changing suppliers


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