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In advertising, colours are used purposefully. Colours are being rediscovered in your company. Your production should always provide the same colour output or the whiteness that your customers are used to. Everyone perceives colour differently - even white. For this reason, it is important to determine and, if necessary, to compare, colours and whiteness objectively.

Whatever the colour: with the expertise of Hohenstein, the future for your textiles looks anything but grey.

Colorimetry and white metric measurement.

It makes sense to include the determination of colour/whiteness in your technical delivery conditions, right at the start of the design. It is thus also necessary to monitor this during development, during production, and on receipt of goods.

With the use of colour measurement in the approximately uniform CIELab colour space, shades can be uniquely described under defined conditions. In addition, we can also identify and assess deviations from the defined references for you.

Other typical colorimetric tests are also included in, for example, the luminance of warning colours, which is required for Personal Protective Equipment, and for workwear. Colour also plays an important role in camouflage clothing. Depending on the issue, we can determine the opaqueness respectively opacity of textiles for you using a special contrast measurement. We are also able to test other values such as the metamerism index, colour inconsistency, instrumental fastness evaluations using grey scale grades, etc.

With regard to the quality of your products, we also determine the whiteness quality of white, fluorescent and non-fluorescent samples using various calculation formulas, and the primary and secondary washing results of detergents.

The consumer expects a high level of product safety and quality, and values clear comparability. And in the case of a tender or a complaint, you as the manufacturer must be able to demonstrate this comparability and reproducibility.


Transfer standards.

The Hohenstein White Scale is used to adjust the UV content in the illumination of the spectrophotometer or tristimulus device to the daylight so that the degree of whiteness can be measured in a reproducible way, even for fluorescent white samples.

A measuring device with an illumination similar to daylight (preferably a xenon lamp) is required together with sufficient UV light and a corresponding equipment at the device to adjust the UV light.

In addition to the Hohenstein White Scale, our Illumination Control Samples also enable to check over a longer period the stability of the UV content in the illumination of the colorimeter. This enables the creation of the best reproducible illumination conditions.

We provide you with our Hohenstein White Scale of a consistent quality according to the corresponding device types, as well as different types of Illumination Control Samples made of plastic.


Benefit to you.

Our test for colorimetry and white metric as well as our Hohenstein White Scale give you a range of practical benefits based on our many years of experience:

  • High consumer safety
  • Opportunity to optimise your products when still in development
  • Fewer complaints as a result of neutral tested quality


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