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We have the right data for you!

We have been measuring people of all ages and developing body measurement charts for the clothing industry for more than 70 years.

You have been thinking about personas for a long time, but what do your customers look like?

Age, for example, has a major influence on body shape and posture. We don't just provide you with figures in a table, but explain why and what exactly the body geometry of your target group looks like. We will be happy to help you create a size chart or develop your avatars as a reliable basis for your 3D product development.

Save time and money by creating the best possible foundations. We offer you:

  1. Size advice
  2. Size charts for standard sizes and special target groups
  3. Customised size charts tailored to your customer group and products
  4. 3D visualisation of body shapes for reliable implementation in fit and cut
  5. 3D models as the basis for 3D design3D simulation and busts: bodies, hands, feet and heads

   Your benefits


  • Reliable body data
  • Reliable fit and customer satisfaction
  • Minimisation of returns and complaints
  • Full service from a single source: from cutting to digital fitting
What is the difference between body, pattern and finished measurements?

Clothing should fit as many people as possible. In ready-to-wear, this can be achieved by producing clothing products in different sizes. The basis for this are body, pattern and finished measurements charts. We explain the differences.

We bring the body data into the product

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