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Correct textiles la­bel­ling is a prerequisite for market launch.

In the European Economic Area, many requirements and regulations must be observed. Textiles represent the only product group for which there is a separate la­bel­ling regulation. EU Regulation 1007/2011 on material la­bel­ling of textiles places specific requirements on economic operators and, in the event of violations, often leads to disputes under competition law and measures by the market surveillance authorities. Other la­bel­ling regulations must be observed beyond material identification:

  • Manufacturer and identification marking
  • Care la­bel­lingr
  • CE marking (relevant for clothing textiles with protective function or electrical components, textile toys and medical devices)
  • Biocide la­bel­ling
  • Warning notices for toys

We offer guidance in the la­bel­ling jungle:

  • Does your product have to be la­bel­ling or not?
  • Which labels are important for your product?
  • Which terms are permissible for la­bel­lingand which are not?
  • Who is responsible for la­bel­ling?
  • Which product groups are subject to special la­bel­lingregulations?
  • Special features of textile la­bel­ling in online retail
  • Special features of textile la­bel­ling outside the EU
  • Size la­bel­ling
  • Labelling of leather and fur
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