Textiles are almost predestined as effective UV protection as they can offer particularly good protection from intense sunlight due to the use of suitable materials and designs. 

With textiles UV protection factors are achieved, which are more effective than the strongest sun tan lotions (sunblock).

Hohenstein is a founding member of the International Test Association for Applied Protection against UV Radiation which developed the UV STANDARD 801. This also takes into account aspects such as the stretch of the fabric when worn, as well as the moisture caused by sweating and the aging of the material – unlike other international standards.

For all types of clothing and shading textiles, we recommend measuring the UV protection factor according to the UV STANDARD 801, which tests under realistic conditions applying the strictest criteria. In order to determine a user-reliable Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF), account must be taken of the particular requirements that a sunscreen textile is exposed to during use.

Based on our measurements, you can advertise your products with the well-known UV STANDARD 801 label.


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