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Our current pattern workshops

Learning by doing: In our pattern workshops, we provide you with basic theoretical knowledge as well as specific practical assistance. We give you tips and tricks for pattern making so that you can realise your design ideas with the help of the desired pattern. We will show you how to create your own patterns and recognise fitting errors.

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Our training programme for digital fitting

3D needs reliable foundations. In our workshops and webinars, you will learn how 3D technologies can be used systematically to save resources during development, create convincing visualisations and achieve an optimum fit for your collections.

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Training on request

In addition to our scheduled training events, we also offer further pattern workshops and numerous courses in the field of digital fitting on request. We run the training courses at our Hohenstein Academy or as an online event. If you want to, we can also organise them at your company. Get in touch with us!



Everything digital? We'll be happy to help you.
For the digital pipeline, some of the basics have to be reworked. From size charts to pattern libraries, we support you on the way to a faster and more sustainable development process.

New idea? No problem, we'll check your claim.
Do you have a product with an innovative function or fit? We have the method and we have the expertise to make your product even better.

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