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Test criteria

Several tests an be used depending on the product specification.
Antibacterial textiles

Efficacy against sweat odour producing bacteria test:

Based on the standard test method DIN EN ISO 20743 the antibacterial activity is determined against the skin-specific microbes Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium after 18 h of incubation.

Products that optimize odour release and retention

Release of sweat odour
A special sweat odour simulate (“artificial sweat”) is applied on the sample. The sweat odour intensity is assessed by trained odour panellists according to VDI 3882.

Binding capacity for sweat odour molecules
A radioactively labelled lead substance of odourous sweat is quantified on the fabric by means of scintillation measurement.

Products that optimize odour redution

Sweat odour field test

Samples are worn by a group of test persons in an application-specific activity (e.g. sports, work). Sweat odour intensity is then evaluated by trained panellists using an olfactometric sampling unit. The field test can thus prove an anti-sweat-odour effect from the consumer’s point of view.

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