Test criteria

Hohenstein has developed a new innovative test method for evaluating sleeping comfort using the sweating, thermal manikin. With this method, the entire duvet construction (material use, cut, quilting, body adaption) can be measured and evaluated by simulating use.

To determine individual material parameters of the layer construction, e.g. as part of product development, additional tests can be carried out with the Hohenstein skin model according to DIN EN ISO 11092.



Please note that the sleep comfort label with evaluation system into "sleep comfort grades" is not issued any longer .

With the thermal manikin, the effective thermal insulation is first determined and the duvet is classified into one of three thermal insulation classes. The Hohenstein Skin Model according to DIN EN ISO 11 092 is then used to measure material specific values such as thermal and water vapour resistance, water vapour absorbency and buffering capacity of water vapour.

The determined values are converted into ‘sleep comfortvotes’ for warm climate and cold climate with the help of an evaluation system to characterise the thermophysological properties of the duvet.